Company Management for your plumbing company

Numé developed a system that allows you to completely manage your company. As a matter of fact, internally we're actually using our own web application for our Company Management. Amongst the Company Management for your plumbing company features, we have:

Of course, we can also build custom-made features for your plumbing company, no matter what your project is! For example, we've even developed an application to help us automatically manage our labels to send out our Christmas cards.

With all these features, we also have a wide range of reports you can use to help you make important decisions. Here's a short list of reports we have for your plumbing company:

Besides, our entire Company Management system can also be connected directly to your accounting software (either via an API or an import file). We also have a wide range of reminders sent by e-mail or even SMS that can be configured to help you out. Amongst them are:

Basically, we've developed everything you need to make your life easier.



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