Customer Loyalty for your robotics store

Retaining Customer Loyalty should be one of the main objectives for your robotics store. It's much more cost-efficient to keep a customer than to try and gain new ones for your robotics store. That's why we developed a wide range of marketing automation tools like Customer Loyalty that will allow you retain customer loyalty.

E-mail reminders for your robotics store

Our marketing automation system for your robotics store allows you to send targeted e-mails directly to any customer that previously used one of your services, or purchased a product, and that, after a specific delay for each e-mail. For example, someone who purchased a season's pass for skiing would receive an e-mail inviting them to renew their pass the following fall.  

Same thing if someone purchased a specific product. For example, we know that someone needs to make their oil change around twice a year. Our system will automatically send an e-mail to inform them that they need to make they're due for their oil change and they can purchase everything they need with a simple click. 

Similar products for your robotics store

Even though this isn't really marketing automation, it's still a great way to keep customers for your robotics store. When purchasing, it's crucial that you diversify your offerings to give you the greatest chance of closing a sale for your robotics store. 

Sites like Amazon have understood that for a while now. For each product you view, they'll also offer a list of similar products and/or products that other customers have purchased at the same time as buying this one. Our system allows you to either specify exactly which products you want to display for your robotics store, or let our automated system offer products depending on previous customer's habits for your robotics store. 

Automatically send promotional e-mails for your robotics store

A customer who previously purchased one of your products is always susceptible to purchase it again. That's why we developed a system that automatically sends an e-mail to every customer who previously purchased that product. 

So for every previous order for this product, the customer will receive an e-mail inviting them to take advantage of this limited time offer. It allows you to keep contact with your customers and you know that each e-mail that was sent has a great chance of monitezation since it was targeted directly to your customers who you know have a great interest in that specific product.

Customer Hyper-segmentation for your robotics store

Customer segmentation for your robotics store allows you to better target your promotions and concentrate your energy (and budget) where it really counts. Our system allows a really intricate segmentation of customers for your robotics store.

Thanks to our Customer Loyalty for your robotics store system, you'll be able to not only send automated e-mails, but also manually send targeted e-mails to customers that are more likely to end up purchasing products for your robotics store. For example, you'll be able to send a specific promotion to customers who have previously purchased a certain product in the last couple of months, but who haven't purchased another product recently. It's a great way to not only push recurring purchases but complementary purchases as well!

Customer profiling for your robotics store

Being awayre of exactly who you're talking to is of the utmost importance today. Knowing a customer's profile for your robotics store (what he's interested in, if he knows about all your services, if he recently ordered any products, etc.) doesn't only allow our automated system to better target him, but also a sales team for your robotics store.  

The various tools we've developed in our system allow you to view every interaction a customer for your robotics store has had with you. Whether it's a visit on your website, a product order or just any read or click in one of your many newsletters, you'll be able to get a general view of your customers' interests for your robotics store. 

Lead generator for your robotics store

Knowing someone has shown interest in your product is a good start when trying to close a deal for your robotics store. That's why we created a Customer Loyalty system that automatically generates leads depending on customers' habits for your robotics store.  

Being aware of the importance of generating (and monetizing) leads for your robotics store, our Customer Loyalty system makes an automatic follow-up for each lead it encountered. For example, you know that a customer has viewed your latest promotion but never ended up purchasing it, our system will be able to contact that specific customer again to try and close the deal for your robotics store. 



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