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Email Configuration

You need a new e-mail or need help configuring your e-mail on your computer? No problem, all you have to do is contact our customer service. For the creation of additional e-mails, just send us the name of the e-mail you would like to create and we'll take care of the rest. To help you configure your e-mails, we've created simple guides that you can follow to complete this task. Every step is illustrated so you can clearly understand what needs to be done. Please note that it's also possible to configure e-mails on your phone (Android, iPhone, BlackBerry) or your tablet.

Configure e-mails in the following mail applications (FRENCH ONLY):

Outlook 2007
(824 Ko)

Outlook 2010
(1022 Ko)

Outlook 2013
(557 Ko)

Windows Live Mail
(245 Ko)

(690 Ko)

(694 Ko)

(352 Ko)

Office 2011 Mac OS X
(659 Ko)

MailApp Mac OS X
(974 Ko)

/ 337