Answers to your most commont questions for your bed and breakfast in the Eastern Townships

How to configure e-mails for your bed and breakfast in the Eastern Townships

View our technical support page for your bed and breakfast in the Eastern Townships to help you in configuring your Outlook, Android or Iphone.

I want to view my e-mails from a Web browser

You can access this service by adding "webmail." In the beginning of your domain name.

I'm unable to send e-mails via my smartphone

Make sure you have configured the SMTP server of your mobile services by default. Certain phones allow you to insert more than one SMTP so that you have a backup in case the first server doesn't work.

I'M unable to send/receive any e-mail. Why?

A bad configuration in your e-mail servers for your bed and breakfast in the Eastern Townships might be the cause of your problem. You need to make sure you've entered the information we sent you. If your configuration is ok, make sure you have access to the Internet. Open a browser, for example, Google Chrome, and try to visit a website.

I need to have access to my e-mail but don't have anything installed. What can I do?

Every e-mail we configure also has a webmail you can use to access it. All you need is an internet connexion! To access your webmail, all you need to do is write "webmail" in front of your domain name. Your domain name is what's written after the "@" of your e-mail.
For example, if your e-mail is "", all you need to do is enter "" and you'll have access to your webmail.
*Please take note that certain browsers might display a security warning. Don't be alarmed, you just need to proceed to gain access.

What is the maximum size of a file I can send via e-mail for your bed and breakfast in the Eastern Townships?

On our servers, we limit files to 50 Mb.
If you pass this quota, you'll get an error message. If that happens, you can try to compress your attachment in a .ZIP file. The maximum file size applies both when sending and receiving e-mails and can't be increased.

I am unable to send an e-mail, everything was working fine yesterday, what's happening?

It's important to make a regular cleanup of your e-mails to free some space. Normally, with applications like Outlook, it's easy to configure your system to clean up e-mails that are over 14 days old. By doing so, you're freeing storage space for the e-mails for your bed and breakfast in the Eastern Townships and you shouldn't have any future problems with this.

Can I redirect my e-mails to another e-mail?

Yes, you can redirect an e-mail from your domain name to another e-mail. All you need to do is ask!

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