Newsletters for your plumbing company

Sending Newsletters should be part of every good marketing strategy for your plumbing company. It's a very useful tool, one that is inexpensive and easy to use. Our CMS allows us to develop a personalized system to send Newsletters that's both efficient and easy to use for your plumbing company. Since it's directly integrated in your CMS, we have access to all the data that's already entered for your website. We can then use this data directly, without having to copy it to an external system, which saves you time and money.

Since we analyze your needs from the start, we're able to develop tools that are easy to use and guarantee you send a perfect Newsletters for your plumbing company every time. You don't have to worry about how to present your title, if your images are properly aligned, etc. Our system takes care of everything for your plumbing company! After we've prepared and you've approved your initial newsletter design, all you need to do is follow these steps to send your newsletter:

  1. Pick your language, design and topic;
  2. Select the different items you want to include in your Newsletters for your plumbing company (latest news, products, packages, etc.) (you can also preview your Newsletters during this step);
  3. Send a test e-mail to receive a copy in your inbox (as your clients will see it);
  4. Select the mailing lists to whom you want to send the Newsletters for your plumbing company and click "Send".

That's it: 4 simple steps. You can prepare your newsletter in seconds and send it to thousands of former, current or future clients for your plumbing company. Our system has also been built to be easy to use for your plumbing company to encourage our clients to use it. We don't charge per e-mail, only a monthly fee depending on the number of e-mails in your database. You can now send a lot more Newsletters for your plumbing company without having to pay more.



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