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How to successfully rebrand your company (part 2)

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It's important to work with the pros! They're your best advisors. By surrounding yourself with professionals, you can make sure your files won't just disappear and they'll be there to help. Choose someone you trust.

Get a good idea on your company's new goal

Your company's main goal includes lots of important elements like its values, target customers, products or services, etc. Keep those in mind when you meet with your graphic designers who are going to work on your project, or with the brandingn agency of your choice. Explain to them why you want to rebrand. It's important that the people who work on your brand know what you're looking for and who you're targeting.

It's sometimes a good idea to keep certain elements of your previous brand so that people can intuitively know it's you. You don't always need to start from scratch, sometimes just giving it a more up-to-date look is enough. Don't hesitate to talk about it with whoever is going to do your rebranding.

Be creative

Make sure to let your team be creative. This kind of project often allows people to think of totally new ways of seeing that you might not have thought of before. Take the time to ask yourself and the people around you questions so that you make the good decision.

Standardize your image

Once your branding is complete (norms, usage, etc.), make sure you standardize your new look on all your communications tools (prints, website, ads, e-mail signatures, etc.). If you have multiple franchises, salesmen or employees, make sure everyone knows your branding has changed. Check their business cards and communications tools so that they're standardized with your new image.

Present your new image to the public!

Publicize your new image. Whether it's on your social networks, on TV, radio or anywhere else, make sure everybody knows. If you're a local restaurant for example, no need to make an international campaign, just target your customers and the best way to get to your customers!

In our next article, some mistakes you shouldn't make while rebranding.

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