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How to manage bad comments on social networks.

How to manage bad comments on social networks.

You sometimes get bad comments on your wall? Do you receive insults or agressive private messages?

Don't panic! It happens to the best of us!

In fact, when placing your company on social networks, it exposes you to all sorts of people, so negative comments are to be expected. But don't worry! Most of the times, these comments will only help you improve. Sometimes, they're just basically empty comments or insults. So here are some tips to help you manage these types of comments.

1. Analyze

Back off and read the message once you're relaxed. Find out what exactly is the problem and how you can fix it, who can help you, etc. A bad answer on your part can sometimes be even worse than the original message, so make sure you answer appropriately.

2. Take a printscreen of any hateful comments

It's not because you're on the Web that you can say anything to anybody. If you get hateful comments, take a printscreen so you can make sure you remember exactly who said what.

Same thing if you answer a sensitive question. Keep any Web conversation you have that might be bad for you personally or for your company.

3. Don't delete the comment, even if you can

If you delete it, people might see it as though you have something to hide. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, but generally, you should answer even if it's only to say that you got their message. Some people just like to troll and just knowing they were read is enough. If your fans / friends are attached to your brand, some might even defend you before you even notice the bad comment. Even if that's the case, always take the time to give your own answer.

4. Don't wait too much

On social networks, everyone expects a quick answer. Some experts say that a 1 hour delay is acceptable. We know that it's not everyone who can manage to answer everything that quickly, but try to stay alert and answer as fast as you can (always by taking some time to think about your answer first). To help you answer quickly, we recommend you activate your page notifications so that you get any messages by e-mail.

5. Stay zen

Always remain calm and read your reply before posting it. Read it out loud and ask yourself is you would say that if you were face-to-face. If you're not sure, that means you need to change your response.

6. Be honest

If you made a mistake (yes, it happens!) just admit it, say you're sorry and offer a solution if you can. If you don't have a solution, you can always mention that the mistake will be fixed and thank the person (if they were respectful) for bringing that to your attention. 

It's important not to be affraid of bad comments. Be fast, efficient, smart and honest in your answers and you'll be ok.

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