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Facebook started pushing new designs for company pages

Facebook started pushing new designs for company pages

By updating one of our client's page, we noticed that their page was displayed differently (on certain accounts). Here's an example of the new layout : 

What changed?

The first major change we noticed was the presence of all the links that used to be hidden in the "More..." section on the left side. They used to never be clicked (since they were mostly invisible), but you can bet that they'll get alot more views now that they're at the forefront of your page.

Another major update is that our profile picture isn't over the cover photo anymore. That will also give us alot more freedom when designing our cover photos.

Finally, you'll notice that all the various elements that used to be on the left (contact, reviews response time) are now on the right (to make room for the tab links on the left).

When will I see the update on my page?

Since Numérique.ca has access to accounts that are often included in the first people to see these kinds of updates, you can expect to see it in the next couple of weeks. Having not seen any official publication by Facebook yet about this update, it's also possible that this is only a test to see how people respond to it, but after seeing the look and how well it works, I'd be willing to bet that it will eventually become the official layout for Facebook pages.

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