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Facebook just launched it's new classified ads website: Marketplace

Facebook just launched it's new classified ads website: Marketplace

Always looking to keep its users on their website/application for as long as possible (so that they can show them more ads), Facebook just launched Marketplace that allows its users to display their classified ads. Right now, Marketplace is only available on the mobile application, and only in certain countries (for now, Canada isn't included), but in a couple of months, it should be available world-wide. 

According to Facebook, here are the various options available for buyers and step-by-step instructions for sellers.

For buyers: 

  • View what's for sell near you;
  • Search for something and filter it by location, category and price;
  • Browse by category;
  • View a product's details as well as the seller's profile (to verify its authenticity);
  • Contact the seller directly.

For sellers: 

  • Take a picture of your item for sale with your smartphone;
  • Enter the name, description and price for your product;
  • Confirm your location and in which category to display it;
  • Publish your ad (you can also specify, if you want to, in what other group you would like to post it as well as in Marketplace).

Please take note that right now, Facebook doesn't process any payments. They give the liberty to the buyer and seller to decide what's the best payment method for them. 

That being said, I wouldn't be surprised if someday, Facebook creates its own payment system to help all its users complete their transactions... To be continued!

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