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Someone is using a domain name very similar to google.com to trick you.

Someone is using a domain name very similar to google.com to trick you.

Recently, after visiting one of our websites' statistics, we've noticed something weird...

At first, besides the fact that it's inviting us to vote for Trump, you really get the impression that they're talking about the real Google. That being said, after analyzing it a little, you'll notice that the first "G" isn't really like a normal looking "G"... it's actually a latin character for a small, capital "G". 

It's important to know that, since we now have the possibility to register domain names with special symbols, chinese characters and other stuff, we've also opened the door to a large array of other characters, including this one that allowed our trickster to do this.

Of course, since this ad was found somewhere where it really doesn't belong and the fact that it's Web specialists who saw it, no harm was done. That being said, it wouldn't be the case for everybody and I wouldn't be surprised to learn that someone a little less aware of these sorts of things would visit the link (and probably see his computer get infected by a virus).

So take this as a warning to ALWAYS pay attention to what you click. If somethings seems too good to be true (e.g. : being the millionth visitor and winning 100$, winning a cruise, a Nigerian prince sharing his fortune with you or being the "lucky winner" for a random promotion), it's because it probably is.

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