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Retain customer loyalty with our marketing automation tools.

Retain customer loyalty with our marketing automation tools.

It's well known, Numérique.ca builds websites as well as the CMS required to manage it. What some of you don't know, is the wide range of other services we offer to help you increase your investment's profitability. 

Since 1999, we haven't only gained expertise on how to manage websites, but also on building web applications to help companies, like yours, manage their day-to-day tasks. Here's a small list of tools we have available to help you become more productive and increase your sales: 


  • Automatic e-mail reminders after a specific timeframe for recurring products and services;
  • Automatic e-mail when publishing promotions on products that customers previously purchased;
  • Automatically publish your products / promotions / portfolio on your various social networks;
  • Automatic e-mail to your providers after reaching a critical point in their inventory; 
  • Automatic e-mail to visitors who viewed a specific product without completing a transaction;
  • Configuring your remarketing for Facebook and Google;

Newsletter system

  • Possibility to create mailing lists allowing you to send e-mail to specific groups/partners;
  • Possibility to send e-mails to customers who purchased a certain product a couple of months ago, but who haven't purchased another product recently;
  • Possibility to quickly send newsletters via the same system that manages your website allowing you to just pick what you want to display instead of copy-pasting everything in an external system;
  • Possibility to contact your members directly and target them by category/sub-category;
  • Possibility to contact your clients in real-time by e-mail while they're in the process of having their products shipped to inform them if they'll be late/in advance on the planned delivery time (+/- a couple of minutes).

Internal management

  • Member renewal management with automatic billing and only payments;
  • Manage your quotes and automatically generate a PDF version including signature page as well as contract terms;
  • Customer loyalty card management with online orders;
  • Employee schedule management;
  • Replacement schedule management for sub-contractors with automatic generation of bills and expenses management;
  • Manage time and billing for service companies;
  • Manage equipment availabilities as well as employees and their costs;
  • System management for products as well as route optimisation for deliveries, last-minute sales attempt by the deliveryman on their mobile phone and possibility for the customer to follow his shipping in real-time;
  • Manage letters and envelopes automatically to manage received orders for products or publications;
  • Various reports to help in decision making or to simplify accounting;

Other tools we developped

  • Purchase system using auctions;
  • Christmas card generation system allowing clients to upload their photo, logo and message and it generates everything ready to be printed, everything directly online;
  • Ticket management system allowing you to pick exactly where in the theater you want to be seated;
  • Online gift certificate purchase system that generates a PDF allowing a complete transaction without any human intervention;
  • Online booking system for accomodations, directly linked to the ferry's available schedule;
  • Online scratch-and-win cards for contests;

That's not mentioning our other services such as: 

As you can we, we're not a simple Web agency, but a business partner that's equiped to help you increase both productivity and revenue. Want to know what we can do for you? Call us!

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