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June 13, 2017

Did you know that you can install robots that answer all your clients' questions automatically? Whether its via your Website, Facebook Messenger or basically, anywhere you can chat, they can answer for you, just like Magic!!

Well... not exactly... but once they are installed, they can really save you time and simplify your community manager's life. 

Once implemented, you need to know that you're just getting started and you'll need to keep your robot updated.

Not all robots are created equal!

It's important to analyze the most frequently asked questions and be prepared to answer complexe questions. And that's the easy part!

A robot needs to be built to keep your user's attention and guide him towards the information he's looking for. That being said, they aren't always spot-on.

You need to make sure your robot gets updated continuously depending on the questions your users ask, on the latest services you offer, the latest news, etc. 

Be aware that a robot doesn't interact in the same way as humans do. We can understand context, sarcasm, jokes and hidden meanings. Robots don't! 

So keep updating your robot so that it's fun and easy to use.

Make sure you use these 2 major sources of information :

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Je te tenais aussi à te remercier et à te féliciter pour la création et la mise en place de ce nouveau projet. J'ai particulièrement apprécié ta rapidité de compréhension et d'exécution, ta disponibilité et la flexibilité de Numérique de nous donner plus de temps pour finaliser le projet en temps voulu et ce malgré les nombreuses modifications inhérentes à ce type de projet. J'ai retrouvé du plaisir à travailler sur le web avec vous Michel Bonato

Merciiiiiii !!!!!!!! Merci pour les voeux et merci pour l'excellence du service !! Marie-Pier Audy

Ah bien merci! Vous avez vraiment un bon service à la clientèle! Comptable