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New on Facebook : Videos in your page's header!

New on Facebook : Videos in your page's header!

Facebook just recently started pushing to company pages the possibility to not only display images in your headers, but also videos.

This new option will give companies alot more freedom when trying to promote their products and services. You can see an example of a Facebook page with this new functionnality here:  

Facebook Page with Video Header

Here are a couple of ideas on what you can do with video headers on your Facebook Page: 

  • Simply film your surrounding to have an image that moves (so you see the grass moving with the wind, water moving, snow falling, etc.);
  • Create a video to display your products and services (like the above example);
  • Display one of your ads (make sure it stays relevent even without sound);
  • Prepare a video of an evening at your establishment to show how fun it is (for example for a bar or a music festival);
  • etc.

Basically, by having the possibility of displaying videos, we now have alot more options to try and personnalize our Facebook Page.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you need help in building your video or simply if you need help managing your social networks

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