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With it's Watch platform, Facebook is now a direct threat to TV!

With it's Watch platform, Facebook is now a direct threat to TV!

Always looking to keep its users on Facebook for as long as possible, they decided to try and centre all their videos in a single location to make it easier for people to spend some time browsing more videos.

Last year, Facebook added the "Videos" tab in the US to do just that. To make it even easier, Facebook recently launched Facebook Watch that allows us to discover new shows that might interest us.

Presented according to what's popular with your friends, you can view which shows are the most talked about, which ones your friends watch and also what makes people laugh the most (according to the use of the haha reaction).

Not only to view videos, but to live and participate in the viewer's reactions.

With Facebook Live, they've noticed that people like reading comments and people's reactions almost as much as watching the video, so they decided to include that with Watch also. So Watch is not only some place where you'll watch videos, but you'll be able to react and talk about the shows you're watching live.

When it launched, Facebook Watch was already offering a variety of shows like: 

  • Shows built to engage its viewers;
  • Live events, like a baseball game or a special interview;
  • Shows with a consistent theme (for example, a kitchen show);

Don't be surprised if in the near future, Facebook partners with major TV channels or Netflix and starts presenting popular TV shows or maybe even movies directly on its platform!

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