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As early as 2018, Google will automatically block intrusive ads

As early as 2018, Google will automatically block intrusive ads

Starting in 2018, Google Chrome will include an intrusive ad blocker directly in its browser! Their objective is to automatically remove any ad that most people find annoying and pushes them to install an ad-blocker. 

What exactly is an intrusive ad?

For an ad to pass the test, it will need to pass these recommendations from the Coalition for Better Ads. If an ad doesn't respect all these rules, it will be considered intrusive and will be blocked.

We invite you to go take a look at the various examples of ads on a wide range of different platforms, you'll be able to better understand really what is an intrusive ad and what you need to do so that your ad is more enjoyable to your visitor.

For example, the website states:

  • Ads shouldn't take more than 30% of the available space on your mobile phone;
  • Videos shouldn't automatically start with the sound on;
  • They highly recommend not to use pop-up ads;
  • Etc.

Basically, what they're saying is just common sense. There's nothing exagerated, so if you already follow common sense and don't try to force anything down your visitors' throats, you should be ok!

As stated earlier, the goal is not to discourage the use of ads on the Web, but to discourage people from installing Ad Blockers in their browsers. Let's be honest, there are lots of websites that depend on ad revenues, so if too many people install Ad Blockers, it might become a big problem. 

It will be interesting to see how Chrome's ad blocker will react with their own Prestitial ads with countdowns on YouTube...

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