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Five tips on how to create a great Facebook page

Five tips on how to create a great Facebook page

Most people now have a personnal Facebook account, and lots of them also manage a company's Facebook page. Even though you're probably not new on Facebook, we think that these tips will be useful to pretty much anyone who manages Facebook pages.

1- Use a nice cover image (or even more than one that you can rotate their use).

Couverture Numérique

Your cover image is used to give the tone of your Facebook page. Use it to distinguish yourself from the comptetition. A good way to use it would be to use pictures of your products or use a striking image that echoes what you're company is all about.

Of course, you can also put some promotions, latest news and even adapt it for special events or times of year (Christmas, Valentine's Day, summer, back to school, etc.).

WARNING! Don't put too much text!! If you want to put a promotion, keep it short and sweet.

Be creative and use something that represents your company or products you sell.

It's important to know that, sadly (or luckily...), Facebook has some rules for your cover images


2- Use a relevant profile picturE

Your logo is the perfect image to be used here.

Your profile picture is displayed anytime you publish something, comment or answer questions on Messenger. 

There are 2 important things to know about your profile picture: it's size is relatively small and it's square. If your logo is complex, you'll have to use only a portion of it, or a purified version.

Logo AWB


3- Put your important content upfront

There are a couple of useful functionalities you can use to put your content upfront on your Facebook page.

  • The "Pin on top" function.

Post Numérique

This function allows you to pin one of your posts at the top of your Facebook page, so that anyone visiting your page will see that first. It's especially useful for special promotions or when making important announcements

  • Boost your post

 Post à publiciser

You can always boost your post and target a specific audience. This allows you to reach even more people that you normally wouldn't with just a normal Facebook post. WARNING : there are some rules you need to follow concerning the amount of text in your image, which shouldn't be over 20%.

4- OPINIONS and commentS

Offer your customers to contact you directly in private if you see some comments are getting out of hand. It's much easier to discuss in private with that person than with a whole community at once.

If push comes to shove, you can always hide someone's comment or even ban them from your page. Use this mostly as a last resort to prevent future problems. 


Use milestones to give more information about your company's history, product launch or services. The content you put here will be transformed into various important steps that allows your visitors to view your company's evolution. If you want help on how to manage your milestones, click here.

It's time to take control of your Facebook page! Give it a personnalized feel and get results you'll be proud of with little to no effort!

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