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How to plan your budget for your new website

How to plan your budget for your new website

With all our years experience, we've noticed that most companies really don't know how much they should invest in their new website, so we decided to help you out! Here are some tips to help you prepare your budget.

List of things to do when building a websitE

Building a website is alot easier than you think! Basically, here are the list of things you need to do: 

  • SEO analysis for great Google ranking;
  • Design your website;
  • Convert your design in HTML;
  • Program your modules and forms;
  • Put it online on a Web server.

Did you notice the SEO part was first? That's because, for every Web project, if you want to have great positioning in Google, you ALWAYS have to start with SEO and build your website around it! If your current provider doesn't make that a priority, you better start asking questions...

Costs for each phase

Of course, each development phase has a cost. In general, to have a good quality website, you can plan:  

  • SEO: $200 + $50 / page in your main menu;
  • Design: $1500 + $200 / page;
  • Conversion: $0 (Normally, you can plan the same amount as for the design, but at Numérique.ca, we created a unique system that allows us to build the design directly in HTML!);
  • Programming: $300 / module;
  • Hosting: $15 / month.

Of course, these amounts are only a general indication, but they will allow you to at least get an idea of the amount required for your investment! Contact us and we'll prepare a detailed quote for you!

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