Your Android Flashlight App might be an entry point for hackers.


AVAST has recently announced having detected malware in Google Play that has succeded in infecting thousands of users around the world.

Recurring problem for Android phones

As a matter of fact, this isn't the first time a similar problem is detected in Google Play (used by Android phones). A similar problem has been detected in September 2017 which affected hundreds of banking applications worldwide. 

In today's case (which was first detected in October 2017), the malware entered via flashlight and card games (for example, Solitaire) applications. Once installed, it waits for you to open a banking app and then steals your information and sends it to a hacker. 

Amongst the infected apps, you have: 

Although Google Play is supposed to scan everything and make sure no malware enters its system, hackers still found a way to go around this checkup and infect thousands of users.

That means, always be careful on what you download in Google Play!

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