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Are you eligible to get a grant of up to $30 000 for your Web project?

Are you eligible to get a grant of up to $30 000 for your Web project?

Recently, the Ministry of Tourism created the EDNET program which unlocked a considerable amount of money to allow small companies in the tourism industry, as well as for the First Nations recognized by the National Assembly, to benefit in major funding for their digital projects (up to $10 000 for the analysis and up to $30 000 to implement the project).

What is eligible?

Most Web projects are eligible, as long as they're justified, for example, via an analysis of your current Web presence (the analysis is also eligible by the way). So these projects can be eligible:

  • Analysis of your Web presence and needs, as well as the creation of a list of recommendations;
  • Build a new website (if it was part of the recommendations);
  • Integrate an e-commerce solution;
  • Develop or install a Web application to help you manage your business;
  • Creating rich and innovative content (immersive video, virtual reality, vocal assistant, etc.);
  • Employee training linked to your digital project.

There might be other projects that are eligible, so we'd recommend you contact your tourism association to talk about it.

NUMÉRIQUE.CA can help!

Since we've been aware of the grant for a while now, Numérique.ca has already prepared various packages to help companies stay up-to-date on the Web.

  • PHASE 1 - Analyze your Web presence
  • PHASE 2 - New Website - Hotels & Other Accommodations
  • PHASE 2 - New Website - Tourist Attractions and Events

Don't hesitate to contact us if you want us to send you our documents to help prepare your grant request. You have up until mid-march to depost your requests for your grant, so don't delay!

TIP: To increase the speed at which you can implement Phase 2, you can ask your Tourism Association to lock a certain amount for your Phase 2 right when you make your initial request during Phase 1. 

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