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Photopea: A Completely Free Photoshop On The Web!

Photopea: A Completely Free Photoshop On The Web!

While at work, it often happens that our customers ask us what they can use to make minor changes in their photos. Although our tools allow our system to automatically resize, crop, rotate and optimize photos directly, it happens that sometimes, we need to make small touch-ups on them. This is where Photopea really shines!


Photopea is a Web application developped by Ivan Kutskir, a 28 year old developper from the Czech Republic. Besides all the basic stuff, his application allows lots of functions included directly in Photoshop. For example:  

  • Layers;
  • Filters;
  • Editing tools (pencil, eraser, rubber stamp, gradient, etc.);
  • Effects on layers;
  • Open and save files in PSD;
  • and much more!

In short, Photopea is an impressive tool that can help you out when you need to make simple edits to your photos. Oh, did I mention that it's free?!

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