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60% des Fortune 500 companies have been hacked in the cloud

60% des Fortune 500 companies have been hacked in the cloud

According to researchers at Proofpoint (a security firm), hackers have been able to connect to cloud accounts over 400000 since the beginning of 2019. Amongst the victimes are over 60% of large american companies that are part of The Fortune 500, which shows that even companies with large security budgets can fall victim to hackers.

Not only big companies are victim of the clouD

To this, add both 2014 scandals that saw hundreds of celebrities have their iCloud accounts get hacked and leaked hundreds of private photos, or the one where Sony saw over 40 gigabytes of private data be hacked from its cloud. It's clear that clouds are now targets of choice for pirates, even with all the means they take to try and secure them.

Should we stop using the cloud?

Not necessarily! Like any computer system, the cloud can be (and has been) hacked. It doesn't mean that you should stop using it because hacking risks are everywhere, whether it's the cloud, your private network or your personal computer. All it means is that you have to be aware that the risk is there and be careful not to put any sensitive data in it. 

Keep in mind that the cloud can be considered as someone else's computer where they give you access to its ressources. Ask yourself if you would put these files on your neighbour's computer. If the answer is no, there's a good chance you shouldn't put it on the cloud either. 

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