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The importance of your Google Business profile

The importance of your Google Business profile

It's no secret that the most used search engine is Google. Knowing that, you've probably already done a couple of search engine optimizations on your website to increase your search results such as: 

  • Optimize your navigation menu;
  • Use efficient URLs;
  • Add your titles and descriptions in all your pages;
  • Create internal links;
  • Optimize the content of your pages;
  • Add schemas;
  • Etc.

But did you know you can also make changes elsewhere than your website to increase your visibility in Google? What's more, it's completely free! No, we're not talking about Google Ads, but we're talking about your Google Business profile!

What are the advantages of having an updated Google Business profile? Here are some of the benefits you get: 

  • It's much more noticeable than regular search results;
  • It helps for local search;
  • You can display your products directly in your profile (and search results!);
  • Your profile can be updated with pictures and publications (latest news, promotions, etc.);
  • It's useful for Google Maps;
  • Reviews are displayed and are increasingly used these days (and important!).

It's basically another free tool you can youse to increase your positioning in Google. If ever you need help updating your profile, don't hesitate to contact us!

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