Assurancia Groupe Tardif

In the insurance industry, quickly processing insurance requests is essential, which is why Assurancia Groupe Tardif has asked us to find a solution so that we can help them process their requests faster and more efficiently. Also, they needed that solution to be even easier to use for their referrers. 

We started by building a system that allows their referrers to enter their data even faster than before. Afterwards, our system sends an e-mail to all the brokers that can process that request. The broker that's the fastest to click on the button in the e-mail gets to process the request. Once it's linked to him, all the other brokers will see the button change telling them that this request is already being processed by someone else. That being said, if the broker doesn't contact the client in a timely manner, the request is re-sent to the group allowing someone else to take it so that it gets processed in a timely manner.

Also, our system gives them access to a wide range of statistics allowing them to see who are their best brokers and referrers and to reward them appropriately. 

A great solution that they use everyday and that they can't live without anymore!

Assurancia Groupe Tardif

C'est vraiment simple! N'importe qui qui est capable d'utiliser Word serait capable d'utiliser ce système-là! Vicky

Félicitations pour la refonte du site et celui de Tourisme Chaudière-Appalaches Rose-Marie

Bonjour à toute l'équipe Numérique, Un petit mot simplement pour vous remercier de la carte de Noël et les bons souhaits.  Vous êtes la première et la seule entreprise qui m'avez envoyé non seulement une carte avec de bons souhaits mais un rabais de reconnaissance en l'utilisant comme sous-verre. Malgré le tout petit contrat avec vous, je vous remercie pour cette reconnaissance et votre esprit de développement durable. Joyeuses fêtes et meilleurs vœux pour cette nouvelle année à toute l'équipe Numérique. Rose-Marie


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