La Gîtée

The Maison La Gîtée got in touch with us so that we can find a solution to their paperwork problem. They had too much paperwork to sort and didn't have any easy way to make sure all their employees are aware of all the latest developments on their women in distress. Also, security (of all the data as well as all the women involved) was their top priority! 

We started by offering them multiple layers of security to make sure all their data is secure. Afterwards, we've developped a system allowing them to enter all the notes and follow-ups for each intervention directly in our Web application. When one of their employees was viewing a profile, all the notes she hasn't read yet were prominently displayed to make sure she's aware of all the latest developments. By eliminating all the paperwork (which were also a security risk if someone would steal them), simplifying their tasks and garanteeing that everyone is aware of all the important information they enter, our system also allowed them to highlight important information for everyone when required.

Also, all the follow-up process is directly integrated in our system, allowing them to make sure they don't forget anything and that all their employees know what are the following steps, even if they were out of the office for a couple of weeks. 

We're proud to have been able to work on such an important project that allows them to save lives even more efficiently than before. 

La Gîtée

Je suis très contente ! Merci beaucoup, surtout d'avoir pu le faire aussi rapidement ! Priscille

Merci à Numé  pour le beau site web et les communications, que nous avons eu avec vous on été excellente. Bravo à votre équipe! Sylvie

Très beau travail Sylvie


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