Transport L Rodrigue

Transport L Rodrigue asked if we can help them improve the payroll system for their truckers when they're on the road. We had to find a solution that makes it easy for their employees to send their data. They would often make mistakes, forget some information and input invalid information. Also, we needed to make sure the payroll service gets all the necessary information on Monday mornings. 

To fix all these problems, we've developped a Web application allowing all the employees to enter their timesheets directly online via an iPad or their mobile phone. A wide range of modules and validations have been added to make sure all the data entered is valid. We've also made all necessary calculations for the payroll service, allowing them not only to have access to all the data automatically on Monday mornings, but also saving time by having all the calculations done automatically for them!

Finally, we also added the bill of lading form which was required when they would transport some goods in certain places. The form was added automatically when specific data was entered in the timesheet, indicating that the bill of lading form was required and therefore must be filled out.

A great solution custom built for the transport industry!

Transport L Rodrigue

Merci pour ta super efficacité ! Jean-François

C'est parfait ! Approuvée. Merci beaucoup pour votre coopération et pour répondre à mes besoins :) Bonne journée Sarah

Merci beaucoup pour ce beau message! C'est vraiment gentil de ta part! : ) Le fait que le module est très «user-friendly» et bien fait aide beaucoup! ;) Kimberley


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