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Branding on Instagram

Numérique.ca just created an application that allows you to manage your branding on Instagram. You'll now have total control on what you want to show that comes from Instagram on your website. 

#HASHTAGS on Instagram

Our application allows you to find all the pictures that use one or more #hashtags. You'll be able to create image galleries using specific #hashtags for each of your campaigns.

For example, you might have a landing page for your #fousdesiles campaign, and then create a 2nd gallery that includes all the pictures from your #fousdesiles campaign as well as your normal #ilesdelamadeleine hashtag.

GPS coordinates of PHOTOS

Another functionnality we included in our application is the possibility of clicking on a Google Map to pick the locations where you want to extract all the photos that were taken there. 

For example, if you want to use all the pictures that were taken at the Bell Centre and at La Ronde, all you have to do is click on these 2 spots on the map and the system will make sure to go get all those pictures for you.

Pick which pictures to display, and in what order

Once all your pictures are extracted depending on the selected #hashtags and their positionning on Google Maps (you can use a combination of both), you'll see the list of pictures appear in descending order (most recent pictures are on top). All you have to do is click on the pictures you want to display, drag-and-drop them in the order you want, and that's it!

Automatic updates to get the latest pictureS

To make sure all your pictures stay up-to-date, the system will make sure to update itself and will automatically add any new pictures in our system. 

What,s more, you'll even have the possibility to tell us if you prefer to include any new picture directly on the website automatically, or if you prefer to add them manually to keep a certain control on what's displayed. 

With our application to manage your branding on Instagram, you'll now have complete control and will be able to benefit of all the public pictures your fans are posting.

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