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CRM and ERP Software

Numérique.ca doesn't only build websites, but we also build a wide range of Web Apps, including personnalized CRMs (Customer Relationship Manager) and an ERPs (Enterprise Ressource Planning). We can build tools that help you increase your performances and be more productive. 

Customer Management

The basis of having a CRM is managing your customers. With our system, in addition to managing all their general information, you'll be able to view (and manage):  

  • All the follow-ups;
  • Every order, past, current and future;
  • The customer's complete profile (including which products interest him the most).

With our tools, you'll be able to understand your relationship with each client and determine exactly what his needs are.

Quotes and Purchase Orders Management

More often than not, our customers need more than just a simple online shop. We understand that somtimes, building quotes for your business is complicated, so we've built some tools simplify this process and make it much quicker. Here are a couple of complex types of quotes we're able to build for your business: 

  • Quotes for windows and doors;
  • Quotes for a custom-built application;
  • Quotes for the purchase of a house;

Of course, once the quote is sent and signed, we have all you need to convert it to a purchase order, and even link it directly with your accounting department.

Employee Management

In our personnalized ERP systems, you'll have the option to manage all your employee information in a single place. That means you'll have access to all the tools required to manage: 

  • Their general information;
  • Their hourly rate;
  • Their meetings and availabilities;
  • Their expenses;
  • Their tasks;
  • Their paychecks;
  • Etc.

If your employees have special conditions you need to manage, we're able to custom build all the tools you need to manage them. 

Production Costs Management

Knowing exactly what your products cost you is crucial information a manager needs. Thanks to our tools, you'll be able to manage: 

  • Workforce costs;
  • Raw material costs;
  • Equipment costs and other expenses.

By knowing exactly the cost of all your products, you'll be able to set the perfect sales price. 

Advanced Statistics

Advanced systems like our CRM and our ERP offer a wide range of statistics about your clients, products, projects, or whatever you need to help you make the right decision. Amongst the statistics we offer, you have: 

  • Annual Revenue by Company;
  • Monthly Revenue;
  • Revenue / Expenses per day;
  • Annual Employee Performance Increase;
  • Monthly Employee Performance Report;
  • Project Profitability;
  • Etc.

Of course, if you need to have access to more statistics, we're able to give you whatever type of stats you need, quickly. 

It's important to know that all our Web Apps can be directly integrated in our CMS, which allows us to centralize all your company's data in a single location, whether it comes from your in-house employees, your website or even your newsletter. 

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