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Web Design

To build a great website, you need a complete team of professionals. Without an SEO specialist, a graphic designer, a Web integrator, excellent programmers and quality assurance personnel, you can be sure that your website will have major flaws. At Numérique.ca, our team of specialists ensure a high-quality, effective website. To demonstrate each team member's importance, here is a list of our specialists and what they do:

SEO Specialist

A crucial member of our team, the SEO specialist needs to be involved from the very start because everything has to be planned so that you can be found in Google and other search engines. This person analyzes your keywords and proposes changes according to Google performance, optimizes everything and finalizes the different scenarios for your website.

Graphic Designer

To stand out on the web, you need a personalized design. Why use a template that's already been used thousands of times on existing websites? A template designed to sell jewelry won't necessarily work as well to sell power tools. At Numérique.ca, our graphic designers take the time to listen to your needs, analyze your market and prepare a UNIQUE website. Everything will be ergonomic and built for YOU, representing your reality.

Web Integrator

One often overlooked aspect is the importance of having a good Web integrator. This person not only converts your Web design to HTML so the different browsers can interpret it correctly; a good integrator structures your website. This allows Google to understand what you're trying to say, which increases your SEO performance. Web integration is one thing. Good HTML structure is another. What's more, good HTML structure helps us more easily create responsive design, which will result not only in a more efficient website, but one that looks great on both tablets and mobile phones at much lesser cost!

Web Programmer

Over half of a website's development is done by Web programmers, which is why they play such a key role in web development. They're the ones who build all the different tools that allow you to seamlessly update your website. What's more, thanks to our experience in building content management systems (we're currently in our 8th generation CMS), our latest responsive CMS allows you to update your website, even if you only have access to a tablet or mobile phone. Each module is analyzed and developed just for you, according to your needs. Whether it's a module to update your image bank or manage all your members, from billing and online payments to advanced reports, our team can develop everything you need, quickly and efficiently.

Quality Assurance Department

Using a 100+ point quality assurance checklist, as we do, requires an eye for detail. Additionally, with all the different browsers, versions and OS out there, it takes a specialist to test everything to make sure that when you do go live, all your pages and forms will work EVERYWHERE, every time.

The process of building a website building process consists of different steps that need to be carefully followed to produce a high-quality website. We will:

  • Analyze your needs;
  • Prepare an efficient, SEO-planned navigation menu;
  • Create a a pure, intuitive Web design;
  • Create management tools that are easy to use;
  • • Include lots of different testing phases for all of your tools and forms BEFORE you go live;
  • Integrate SEO information on all your pages;
  • Follow-up on your site's performance after it's online.

Of course, to make sure your website meets all of your needs, there are several approval phases. From your search keywords and SEO indexing scenarios to your Web design and final result, you can be sure that once your website is online, it'll be perfect!

Finally, don't forget that putting your new website online isn't the end; it's more of a beginning. Our excellent customer service will be sure to follow-up and answer all your questions, as well as make recommendations to keep you ahead of the competition. Don't forget that once it's online, you have to take the time to analyze your site's performances and make the necessary changes and updates. Because you can be sure that your competitors will!


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