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Your data's privacy is one of our priorities


We also offer to safeguard your data to keepsafe your most important files

Shared hosting

Our shared hosting service is the most popular solution and is perfect for most of our customers' needs. With shared hosting, there are lots of websites that are hosted on a single server where they all share the same resources. It's our cheapest Web Hosting solution.


UA VPS is a virtual private server. If you need more resources or if you want to manage your own server, a virtual private server might be the solution for you. We also offer Web Hosting on a VPS for more flexibility.

Dedicated and semi-dedicated servers

UA dedicated or semi-dedicated server is the best hosting solution. You don't have to share your server's resources  with any other website. The server is entirely dedicated to you (which is where the name comes from). You get greater speeds and performances. Our team will guide you to the perfect solution.


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