Online Store for your plumbing company

These days, if you have something to sell, you need to have a Online Store for your plumbing company. A Online Store becomes your international salesperson, that doesn't take any commission! It's available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year and never takes a vacation. Having an e-commerce website has lots of advantages.

Low cost to implement for your plumbing company

An Online Store solution is normally really inexpensive to implement. We here at even have a solution that only costs $39.95/month! Imagine having access to a salesperson that works every single day, non-stop for that price. Our Online Store is exactly that! With rates so low, it's clear your Online Store for your plumbing company will generate great revenues for you!

Gives you access to an infinite amount of customers for your plumbing company

Another advantage of our Online Store for your plumbing company solution is that it opens the door to a bunch of customers that weren't available previously with only a brick-and-mortar store. An e-commerce website is accessible from anywhere, anytime! Thanks to our Online Store, you'll now have access to the entire world if that's your objective! Whether it's customers in France, Australia or just your neighbour, everyone will have access to your products at all times! All you need to do is decide where you're willing to ship your products.

Allows you to re-communicate easily with your customers for your plumbing company

Another advantage that's often underestimated with our Online Store for your plumbing company is having the ability to save your customers information automatically to do follow-ups or remarketing later on. With our e-commerce solution for your plumbing company, automatically, all your customers are entered in your database for your newsletter. It therefore becomes easy for you to send newsletters with promotions or products to your customers to bring them back on your website to make another purchase. All our systems are integrated together to make things easy for your plumbing company.

Allows you to know more about your customers for your plumbing company

Since all our systems are integrated together, with your Online Store, you'll also have access to our CRM which will allow you to enter follow-ups and view your customers' profiles. Also, since everything is centralized in the same system, it becomes possible to implement a wide range of reports and tools that allow you to learn more about your customers' purchasing history and ways they navigate your website. A wide range of precious information for your plumbing company!

Thanks to our Online Store for your plumbing company solution, you'll get additional revenues as well as taking advantage or these other advantages of having an e-commerce website: 

A beautyfull solution, optimized for mobile, easy to use (as much for you as for your customers) and has great performances for as little as: 


1 year minimum agreement + installation fees


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