Web Hosting

We offer various Web Hosting to answer all your needs.

Shared Hosting

Our most cost-effective Web Hosting solution! Take advantage of stable, quick and secure Web Hosting. This is our most popular package and answers to the vast majority of people's Web Hosting needs.


You need more ressources or you would like to manage your own server? We also offer Web Hosting on a VPS for more flexibility.

Dedicated and semi-dedicated servers

You need even more ressources? We can offer you a dedicated (or semi-dedicated) server so that you get access to all the ressources available, exclusively for your website or web application.

You need something specific? Don't hesitate to contact us! We'll find the perfect solution for your insurance company in Quebec City, for your NPO in Montreal, for your transportation company in Quebec City, for your hockey league in Montreal, for your hotel in Victoriaville, for your restaurant in Sherbrooke, for your business in Victoriaville, for your company in Thetford Mines, for your small business in Montreal.

Web design

Online Store

Easy Cheap Website


Web Writing

Professional Photography

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