Web Writing for a small town

A Web writer isn't just someone who writes well. Web Writing for a small town is now viewed in terms of “content creation.” What is more, reading has become multi-sensory, involving text, but also images, sound and interaction between the website for a small town and its user. Users want an optimal experience and a site that meets their specific needs

The goal of Web Writing is to improve your website's SEO efficiency for a small town, attract readers and extend the time they spend on your site by optimizing the experience, so that visitors become customers. This requires good knowledge of the users.

SEO writing for a small town.

First and foremost, Web Writing for a small town aims to index your site in search engines, using SEO (search engine optimization). You want visibility for a small town just as much as users want to find you! Analyses are therefore conducted on several levels, which are all interrelated:

A good Web writer will create quality content for a small town that is significant to the target audience (making it more popular in search engines) and structure it based on the keywords and semantic field while making sure that the text flows naturally and is enjoyable to read

Reading behaviour

Three types of people will visit your website: those who will leave after 10 seconds, those who will spend two or three minutes and those who will browse for 10 to 20 minutes. It's impossible to make every visitor spend 20 minutes on your site, but if the information is well-organized, the text is spaced out and the message is simple, it will certainly reduce the number of readers who leave right away.

A neurosensory analysis has shown that people visually scan Web content in an F-shaped pattern, as seen below:

Source: Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox: F-Shaped Pattern For Reading Web Content (

There is therefore a hierarchy to apply to a website's textual content for a small town, to help users find the information they want and then continue reading. That is the Web writer's main objective for a small town.

An effective structure

Web content for a small town has to be very precisely structured if you want to extend the time users spend on a website for a small town. This is done by applying the inverted pyramid model:

If you're able to hook readers with the title and lead, they will extend their stay, greatly increasing the likelihood that they will become a customer for a small town!

Web Writing for a small town also take responsive design into account, to make it easy to browse the content on various platforms (computer, tablet, smartphone).

Interaction: a participative experience for a small town

To optimize the user experience for a small town, it is also important to invite them to participate. Certain key elements can be inserted, such as:

All of these elements facilitate, humanize and dynamize the user experience for a small town. They call on the senses, arouse emotion and direct the user's actions. What is good for users is also good for you. A website with well-structured, quality content can help grow clientele and increase visibility and reputation for your insurance company in Montreal, for your NPO in Thetford Mines, for your transportation company in Montreal, for your hockey league in Sherbrooke, for your hotel in Thetford Mines, for your restaurant in Victoriaville, for your business in Sherbrooke, for your company in Sherbrooke, for your small business in Sherbrooke, for your car dealership in Thetford Mines, for your startup in Sherbrooke, for your small town in Thetford Mines


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